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Journey to Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a consistent and reliable cloud service and dsp can help to bridge the gap between what your business needs and your business maximising its potential.

Azure – Data Platform Modernisation

With platform ‘end of life’ issues and the building expectation to digitise processes, more and more organisations are finding Data Platform Modernisation can increase profitability, production, and innovation. These projects combine architecture refresh with software upgrades and targeted application remediation to optimise performance.

Data Platform Modernisation has become the best solution for both on-premise and cloud environments to deliver reduced IT costs, improved service levels, and increased agility.

Case study – David Phillips: David Phillips needed a modern system that matched their growing business needs, could reduce their reliance on their call centre, and would update their online ordering system. This would mean less pressure on the call centre and make online ordering instantaneous. With Softbrij's Data Platform Consultancy service, we established the most beneficial and appropriate big data solution. A Hybrid Cloud using Microsoft Azure was meticulously architected by dsp to offer David Phillips the scalability, cost control, and security they required. Find out more here

Interested in:

  • SQL Server in Azure
  • MySQL in Azure
  • MongoDB in Azure
  • PostgreSQL in Azure

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 Interested in:

  • DevOps in Azure
  • Test and Dev in Azure
  • Disaster Recovery in Azure
  • Backup and Archive in Azure
  • Azure | Hybrid Integration
  • Azure | High Performance Computing
  • Azure | Mainframe Migration
  • Azure | Serverless Computing
  • Azure | Monitoring

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Azure – Data Modernisation

‘Modernisation’ strategy simply refers to ensuring something is fit for purpose now and in the future. The explosion of data in recent years and businesses increased understanding of the value of the data has meant that attitudes towards data have changed. Data Modernisation refers to improving access to information and, with this approach, organisations can quickly deliver improved access to data without draining resources from the IT department.

Case Study – CYMCA: The Central Young Men’s Christian Association (CYMCA) own and operate London’s biggest gyms. However, they were hindered in productivity by aging servers and a limited budget. They needed a new infrastructure urgently, and that’s where dsp came in. We set up some trials to determine the best in managed service provider and infrastructure for the business, and CYMCA concluded through these tests that Microsoft Azure was best suited to them thanks to the reduced dependency on DBAs and interoperability between Azure and their existing systems. By using a cloud system instead of investing in their own infrastructure, CYMCA were able to reduce costs and the burden of data management, as well is the many other benefits of moving to a managed service provider. Find out more here

Interested in:

  • Azure | Big Data Integration (connecting data)
  • Azure | Data Warehousing
  • Azure |Advanced and Predictive Analytics

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Interested in:

  • Power BI
  • Azure BI
  • Cloud BI
  • On-premise BI

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As an award-winning Microsoft CSP Tier 1 and EA Partner at the forefront of Azure database management and cloud services, our services come highly recommended by Microsoft. We are well known within the industry for delivering best-in-class database support and have a long list of awards that underpins our credibility within the industry.

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