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MongoDB Consulting


Traditional relational databases have underpinned enterprise data management for the last thirty years. But with new and expanding data sources, how we collect and manipulate data has changed the database landscape forever. The applications we run require increasingly versatile data sources – beyond the limits of a relational database.

As UK database specialists, dsp have a successful and long standing history in providing database consultancy with a niche pedigree in MongoDB and NoSQL consulting. Our services include the following:

Performance Optimisation
A Performance Evaluation and Tuning engagement is also useful if you have a performant deployment but are looking to rapidly scale your MongoDB application and looking for ways to reduce cost per transaction, and increase performance by a reduction on data travel.

Security Analysis
Distributed database systems have traditionally suffered in-built weaknesses in their security model, by locating replicas of the data at various locations for availability purposes you also run the risk of not securing all versions and copies of the data with the same levels of diligence that the primary data source would enjoy. dsp Consultants are highly experienced in security and safety analysis techniques to produce a risk evaluation of the data landscape.

Design & Planning
A MongoDB deployment will go through the usual phases of software development, test and production life cycling and then onward into maintenance through patching strategies and change management. dsp has expertise in advising and formulating these plans and building infrastructure and logical environment around these standard processes.

MongoDB Services

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MongoDB Consulting

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